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● Natural

FRIS only uses natural ingredients. We aim to use mostly sustainably sourced, local and organic ingredients and materials. As a small business that has just started, we are not 100% there, but we strive to improve with every batch we make. We do not use palm-oil, SLS, SLES, paraben or animal derived ingredients.

● Vegan

FRIS is vegan for the animals, the planet and our health. Our products are free of animal derived ingredients and will only ever be tested on ourselves, friends and family.

● Safe

FRIS owners are familiar with a range of allergies. Nut-oils are banned from our workshop. We only use safe percentages of essential oils. All ingredients (including allergens) are clearly stated for each product and all our formulas have gone through the required cosmetic safety tests. Please always do a patch test before using cosmetic products on your skin. Contact us if you have any questions.


● Sustainable

FRIS thinks there is too much trash in the world already. Therefore we take care to recycle and reuse our materials as much as possible. We ship our orders in repurposed packaging (please excuse their appearance) and pack our products in recycled and recyclable kraft cardboard. Our packaging is always plastic free. You might find a personal thank you card in your order. We do this because we like to show our customers some extra love and appreciation. These cards are made from 100% recycled cotton (t-shirt cut offs) and printed with water-based ink.

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