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Save Your Soap Bag

Save Your Soap Bag

I'll be back soon

Super useful to store and hang your soaps in the shower and doubles as a wash cloth. You can put your last soap scraps together in the save your soap bag so you can easily use them all up. These bags however also snugly fit our entire soap bars. Each item is uniquely handcrafted from 100% recycled or organic cotton yarn.


    The save your soap bag is made to fit our soap bars entirely and measures approximately 9 cm x 4 cm. As each item is handmade, this might vary slightly.

    All our fabric items are made from either organic cotton yarn, or from recycled post consumer yarn. They are therefore completely natural, biodegradable, and of course vegan.


    Hand-wash or machine wash at max. 30 degrees Celsius. Use the program for natural (cotton) fibre. Carefully pull into shape when wet. Air dry. No need to iron.

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